Sunday, May 08, 2005

Pattycake Kremlin Style. Get Your Evolution While You Still Can. Red Sox Update.

Dubya Plays Pattycake With Putin

President Useless spent the weekend in Moscow kissing up to Russian leader Vladimir Putin in a sickening display that made it look like the two were discussing ways to combat terror. Conveniently forgetting that Putin wants to sell missiles to Syria, Bush pretended that the Russian President is an ally in the war on terror and not just another KGB mercenary looking to make some money.

Excerpt from Yahoo news:

MOSCOW - Changing the tone from tough talk to friendship, President Bush and Vladimir Putin went out of their way to take a unified stand on Middle East peace and terrorism Sunday after sharp words in recent days about democratic backsliding and postwar Soviet domination.

A smiling Putin even put Bush behind the wheel of his prized 1956 Volga, a pristine white sedan, and let him take it for a spin around the grounds of his private compound 25 miles west of Moscow. Putin also kidded the president about Laura Bush's recent comedy routine. The happy picture of the two presidents summed up a theme that aides on both sides described — powerful leaders who have a strong relationship and can discuss their disagreements.

Full story:

The last sentence of that excerpt is a joke. Putin has played Bush for the fool everyone except for the idiots who voted for him knows he is. An even bigger joke is the pretense that democracy has flourished in Russia and the countries that used to be part of the Soviet Union. If the press felt like doing their jobs by reporting the actual news, rather than pretend that Bush is some kind of foreign policy genius, then maybe the electorate would wake up and see what a fraud this president really is.

Latest From The Kansas Dumbing Down Summit

A group of scientists is trying to be heard among the trolls who want to ban the teaching of evolution in Kansas public schools. Yahoo News excerpt:

TOPEKA, Kan. - Scientists have refused to participate in state Board of Education hearings this past week on how the theory of evolution should be treated in public schools, but they haven't exactly been silent.

About a dozen scientists, most from Kansas universities, spoke each day at news conferences after evolution critics testified before a board subcommittee. They expect to continue speaking out as the hearings wrap up on Thursday.
"They're in, they do their shtick, and they're out," said Keith Miller, a Kansas State University geologist. "I'm going to be here, and I'm not going to be quiet. We'll have the rest of our lives to make our points."

The scientists' boycott was led by the American Association for the Advancement of Science
and Kansas Citizens for Science, which believe the hearings are rigged against the teaching of evolution.

Scientists said they don't see the need to cram their arguments into a few days of testimony, like out-of-state witnesses who were called by advocates of the "intelligent design" theory.

Full story:

What bugs me about this is that line about "having the rest of our lives to make our points". That may be true, but while you wait for the other side to develop the sense it needs to realize what a mistake it is making, untold legions of kids are going to get the academic Marsellus Wallace treatment. You guys must stand up and fight these religiously insane measures and send a clear message to their proponents that we live in the 21st century, not the 13th.

Two New Sox Debut. One Good, One Not So Good...

The Red Sox are now 18-13 on the season after having split a day-night doubleheader with the Seattle Mariners.

Game One featured a decent pitching performance by Jeremi Gonzalez, who pitched into the sixth inning having given up three runs. The Sox cuffed Seattle starter Joel Piniero around in the early innings, and the Sox bullpen preserved the lead for the 6-3 victory.

Game Two saw the Red Sox debut of pitcher, ex-Astro Wade Miller who pitched five strong innings. Miller gave up two runs and struck out six with good command and velocity. John Halama pitched a scoreless sixth and gave way to call-up Cla Meredith, making his major-league debut in the seventh. With a man on and two out, Meredith walked the first two hitters he faced before surrendering a grand slam to tall slugger Richie Sexson. Despite two doubles and a homer from David Ortiz, the Sox lost 6-4. The Oakland Athletics come to Fenway for a three game set Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

A few more words on the state of the Sox. The pitching has yet to fall apart despite the losses of David Wells and Curt Schilling to the DL. It's the bats that have been inconsistent. Manny Ramirez, who appeared to be getting hot a week ago, has fallen back into a funk. David Ortiz seems to be warming up. Johnny Damon is riding a 14-game hitting streak. Jason Varitek had a nine-game hitting streak snapped in the nightcap. The infield of Kevin Millar, Mark Bellhorn, Edgar Renteria and Bill Mueller has not been hitting well.

In addition, the Sox are playing a makeshift infield with Renteria day-to-day after having hurt his finger trying to lay down a bunt in Detroit. Ramon Vazquez has taken most of the playing time at shortstop since then, but he is visibly hobbled with leg injuries, and sat out the tonight's second game in favor of regular second baseman Mark Bellhorn. Bill Mueller has shifted from third base to second, and Kevin Youkilis, who has hit well since being recalled from Pawtucket has been manning third.

Since the Orioles lost to the Royals, the Sox are 2 1/2 games behind Baltimore in the AL East. All things considered, that isn't a terrible position in which to be.

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