Sunday, November 06, 2005

Regrets - I’ve Had A Few...

Weekend Homework Assignment

The idea for this post comes by may of the intrepid Miss Templeton over at the sublime Horslips and Other Music. If you've never visited this blog, you should do so as soon, and as often as possible. She features the pioneer Irish rock band Horslips, as well as other Irish music, and delivers the goods with style, sass and sly humor.

Now, on to the homework assignment. The deal, as handed down is to follow these directions:

1) Call the meme "Regrets - I've Had A Few".
2) Always refer (and link back) to the blogger who tagged you.
3) Always tag (and link to) at least two new bloggers.
4) List as many regrets as you like, but list a minimum of one (even if you have to re-interpret the term "regret" because you feel strongly that you don't have any).
5) Include these five rules in each post as the meme instructions.

I've checked off on items 1, 2 and 5. I can't really perform the task for item 3 because, as one of the least-read blogs on these Internets, I don't know two other bloggers well enough to pass this on to them. But I can fulfill the mission of item 4, which follows.


1) Having been impatient and boorish far too often to my parents and sisters.
2) Having had to let go of a long time close friend, even though the reasons for having done so were solid, and remain do to this day.

3) Not having told my insufferable boss to go to hell earlier in 1994 than I did.
4) Not having told my high school baseball and basketball coaches what idiots they were at the they committed their idiotic acts.
5) Not having stood up to as many bullies as I should have, but having put a severe hurting on those bullies to whom I did stand up (but only because I got into trouble for taking the advice of those who were sick of my complaining about my situation).
6) Not having been prescient enough to sell my company stock before/during the 2001 Bush-created stock market crash.
7) Not having met "Miss Right" yet.
8) Having to listen to so much uninformed/disinformed nonsense that passes for political discourse these days.
9) That the supposed best country on the planet can't even help it's own citizens in an adequate manner as shown by the recent ravages of hurricanes Katrina and Wilma.
10) That the Red Sox couldn't win back-to-back World Series Championships (as if that was even a remote possibility...).

Well, there you have it. That's my story (so far) and I'm sticking to it.

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