Friday, February 24, 2006

Santana Concert to Commemorate 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Postponed.

A concert commemorating the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and featuring Guitar God Carlos Santana (see my posts on Guitar Stuff), has been postponed due to fundraising problems. Perhaps my good friend Miss Templeton can tear herself away from our mutual interest in getting the Giants to change the name of Pac-Bell/3Com Park to Lefty O'Doul Stadium long enough to apply some local pressure to make sure that this postponement is a short one. KESQ News excerpt:

A free concert by Santana planned as part of centennial commemorations of the earthquake that shook San Francisco in 1906 was postponed because organizers couldn't raise enough money.

Santana was going to play for free at the April 22nd concert, but other costs drove the price tag above 1.5 million dollars.

Mayor Gavin Newsom said yesterday that efforts to raise funds faltered because sponsors wanted to focus on earthquake preparedness rather than a concert.

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Miss Templeton said...

Ahhhh....the Quake! Jeanette MacDonald and Clark Gable! Judy Garland hanging perpendicular on a cable car. Open your Golden Gate.

Have you realized--as I have-- that the 20th century started with the destruction and rebirth of a great American City and the 21st century has likewise started with the destruction and the travesty of a rebirth of another great American City? We can mark our 'progress' by the differences between the two centuries.

Yes indeed. I need to start my Quake series soon! Must get the Dublin and then the Saint Patrick's posts out of the way...and trust me: my Saint Patrick's Day posts of the 2003 anti-war riots in the City are not going to be your usual bill of fare. You won't be disappointed!

Bella said...

Thanks for visiting my'm new at literally is whatever pops into my head at that moment...mostly musical stuff as you can see...or things related to my "hippie" youth...i know all about ms. templeton...i'm a horslips fan and i'm on their guestbook - did you get a chance to check out that site re: irish baseball? nice to "meet" someone new...keep on truckin darlin!

listerplus said...

Hello Ladies!

Miss Templeton,

The coincidence of two major cities ravaged by catastrophe nearly 100 years apart is a chilling one indeed. As for the notion of progress, I think Kurt Vonnegut's proposed headstone for planet Earth "We Could Have Fixed It, But We Were Too Damned Cheap" is eerily accurate as far as New Orleans is concerned.

At any rate, I look forward to your upcoming updates!


Thanks again for popping in. I've begun viewing the Irish Basball site. I never saw any baseball there during my 2000 and 2002 visits. The stats are interesting to look at. I'll be watching (from afar) the upcoming season.

Cheers Ladies!