Sunday, May 28, 2006

Curt Schilling Gets 200th Career Win. 78-15?

Curt Schilling earned his 200th career win last night as the Red Sox beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 6-4. Schilling, who is now 8-2 on the season, allowed four runs and eight hits while striking out seven. Trot Nixon had a big bases-loaded double to drive in two runs after an intentional walk to David Ortiz as part of the Red Sox four-run second inning to help Schilling's cause. The lineup was a strange one that had third baseman turned first baseman Kevin Youkilis playing left field for Manny Ramirez (sore back), and that had JT Snow, who has had little playing time this season, at first base. Alex Cora replaced regular shortstop Alex Gonzalez as well, in what appeared to be manager Terry Francona's attempt to imitate former manager Jim-Why Williams. All turned out well despite the strange moves. The win was the third in a row in the four-game series for the Sox. The series finale gets underway this afternoon with knuckleballer Tim Wakefield matched up against tall (6-foot-9) lefty Mark Hendrickson.

In other Sox news, lefty David Wells, who took a line drive off his right knee in Friday night's game, claims he may not have to miss his next scheduled start, as his MRI revealed nothing more serious than a bruise. And outfielder Coco Crisp, who is rehabbing with the AAA Pawtucket affiliate, may be back in action this week. Now Terry Francona just needs to find a place to play him. Wily Mo Pena has done a good job in center field, and, even though he still strikes out too much, has been hitting well, and driving in runs. Other questions: Will Crisp go back to the leadoff spot? If so, what to do with Kevin Youkilis, who has done a fantastic job there? If not, where DO you bat Crisp?

3:00 PM Update: Coco was activated for today's game and is batting leadoff and playing center field. Wily Mo Pena has been placed on the disabled list with a bad wrist. Manny is out for the second straight game, adding a knee problem to his back twinges. Willie Harris is playing left field in his place this afternoon. Kevin Youkilis is back at first base and batting cleanup. Also, ace setup man Mike Timlin has also been placed on the DL with a strained shoulder. Young righty fireballer Manny Delcarmen has been recalled from Pawtucket to take Timlin's place on the roster. That seems to be all for now...The Sox just went ahead 1-0 in the bottom of the fourth inning on Trot Nixon's bases-loaded walk...

Unrelated note: 78-15 was the Senate vote to confirm former NSA head General Hayden (R - Nazi) to become the new head of the CIA. Nice. Not that it would have made a difference even if all the Democrats voted against him, but when the Preznit has a 29% approval rating, you don't continue to lay down and keep giving the fool a blank check every time he demands one. And what about the seven Senators who didn't cast a vote in this matter? What could these assholes have had to do that was more important than this on Friday? And people wonder why I'm a political pessimist...

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Ken Kaniff from Connecticut said...

Hasn't Washington done enough damage already? First they create a hurricaine and intentionally aim it at poor people, now they wish to take away one of their brave, surviving leaders. I am sure one of those white Landrieus will take that seat. Despicable.

/sarcasm off