Saturday, January 20, 2007

Have You Seen Me Lately?

Hola Amigos,

I'm back at the keyboard after a hectic holiday season. Of course, I come back and get ready to do some business, and what do I find but that Blogger put out a new beta version that didn't seem to want to cooperate with me. Then, a bunch of wage slavery organization requirements crept up to keep me from better exploring how to fix these problems.

I seem to be past most of this shit for now, so I'm sending this little post out to let all six of my readers know I'm still alive, and will be updating this baby as best I can. Hell, there's a lot of shit for me to catch up on as 2007 stumbles out of the gates. Anyway, I changed the format and added the excellent Fire Joe Morgan website to my links list. Because Joe Morgan really should be fired. Seriously. He's a Hall of Famer who says almost as many idiotic things as Preznit Flight Suit Fantasy does.

Quick Thoughts:

1. Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken both deserve their respective elections to baseball's Hall of Fame. Goose Gossage, Jim Rice, Bert Blyleven and Alan Trammell should also be in, and no, I'm not touching the Big Mac "controversy," thank you very little.

2. This year's NFL playoffs have been characterized by sloppy play and idiotic actions by individual players that have led to HUGE penalties. Is this the best the NFL can do? Has the desire for parity driven the excellence out of what is supposed to be a showcase of the best teams? Or has the NFL caught whatever disease inflicted the 2006 World Series? I swear, I still refuse to believe that actually happened. Let's just move on...

3. Mitt Romney is a clown. How about that billion dollar deficit you left us? Balanced the budget my arse. I can't wait to here the screams of agony from the trolls about what a commie new Governor Deval Patrick is as he attempts to straighten out the fiscal mess that Governor Absentee Showboater left is here in the Bay State. Thanks a pantload Mitt, and say goodbye to your silly Presidential aspirations.

4. Preznit Flight Suit Fantasy STILL doesn't get it. Iraq is a bloody failure--HIS bloody failure. It is good to see that some members of his own party, like Senator Chuck Hagel are openly ridiculing this stupid "surge" idea of sacrificing more of our troops into this disaster. Even better, it has exposed idiots like Senators John McCain and Joementum Lieberman as the deluded simpletons they are.

5. What the eff is the deal with DVD region codes? Do we really need this? To whom do I complain to straighten this shit out? Does anybody have any ideas?

Oh well, that's all for now. I have a copy of the latest Tribe of Gypsies CD, Dweller on the Threshold, and will be posting a review as soon as I can.

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