Friday, April 27, 2007

More Exoplanet Information. Red Sox Invade the Bronx.

The news about Gliese 581c has grabbed the collective imaginations of quite a few people in my wage slavery containment facility. Because of my status as a part-time astronomer, I am usually the go-to guy whenever anyone with whom I work has a question about breaking news stories, general observing tips, advice about telescopes and binoculars, software, etc. To this end, I took the liberty of scouring the Internets and came up with a great site to peruse.

Go to the site. This is a comprehensive site that contains vast amounts of information about nearby stars, bright stars, habitability projections and a whole lot more.

The first stop on this site, as it relates to how I opened this post is the Gliese 581/HO Librae page. It gives a rundown of the entire system: The physical characteristics of the host star, and what is currently known about its three planets.

The second stop is a page of notable nearby stars, with links for each star that give similar information modules to that described above. Have fun!

In Red Sox news, the team, having won its last two games in Baltimore against the Orioles, after having lost two straight to the Toronto Blue Jays, travels to New York for the three-game series against the Yankees in the Bronx. Action begins tonight with Daisuke Matsuzaka taking the mound for his second straight appearance against the Pinstripes. Andy Pettitte takes the hill for the Yanks.

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