Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dems Cowardly Help Roberts Nomination Go Forward. Bringing Back That Olde Tyme Religion!

I'm back on the farm after having bowled a 540 series in last night's wage slavery organization league action. The scores were 168, 175 and a season-high 197. These marks bring my season average to 175. Now, on to the news...

Dems Cave In Again On Roberts

The nomination of John Roberts to be the next Supreme Court Chief Justice is now headed to a full Senate vote thanks to three turncoat Democrats who bent over for President Divider. Yahoo News AP wire excerpt:

WASHINGTON - John Roberts' nomination as chief justice cleared a Senate committee on a bipartisan vote of 13-5 Thursday, with next week's confirmation so certain that Republicans and Democrats turned increasing attention to President Bush's choice to fill a second Supreme Court vacancy.

Before the committee vote on Roberts, Sen. Herb Kohl, D-Wis., said, "I will vote my hopes and not my fears, and I will vote to confirm him." Kohl was one of three Democrats on the Judiciary Committee who supported Roberts' nomination along with all 10 Republicans on the panel.

Thanks a pantload Herb. How many more times are you and every other naive Democrat going to fall for this ruse?

"I don't see how anybody can justify a vote against Judge Roberts, unless they want to nitpick certain areas that you can nitpick on anybody," said Orrin Hatch, R-Utah.

Eat me Orrin. You of all people should know what real bipartisanship is all about. After all, Bill Clinton met with you to go over his prospective nominees for Supreme Court vacancies, so blow it out your pompous ass.

Five Democrats voted against Roberts, questioning his commitment to civil rights and expressing concern that he might overturn the 1973 court ruling that established the right to abortion.

"The values and perspectives displayed over and over again in his record cast doubt on his view of voting rights, women's rights, civil rights and disability rights," Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., said of the 50-year-old appeals court judge and former Reagan administration lawyer.

The Democratic support for Roberts marked a stinging defeat for the liberal groups that are lobbying energetically against confirmation. Without mentioning names, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., criticized them in remarks on the Senate floor, accusing them of "kneejerk, unbending and what I consider to be unfair attacks" on lawmakers who disagreed with them.

Even so, one prominent conservative said he was unimpressed with the level of bipartisanship in committee. "We're supposed to think the Democrats are being magnanimous? Give me a break," said Leonard Leo of the Federalist Society. He noted that several Supreme Court nominees of presidents of both parties have gained overwhelming bipartisan support in the past two decades.

Prominent conservative? How about obscure knuckledragger? Please refer to my previous remark to Senator Hatch you gimp. Mr. Leo has a funny view of the facts since people like John "I Lost A Senate Race To A Corpse" Ashcroft led several "because I personally don't like them" attacks on several of Bill Clinton's judicial nominees during his time in the Senate, so you, Mr. Leo, can also blow it out your pompous ass.

The full Senate is to debate Roberts' nomination next week, with all 55 Republicans expected to support him. A final vote is expected Thursday, in enough time to allow him to succeed the late William H. Rehnquist and become the 17th chief justice before the court begins a new term on Oct. 3.

The committee session over, Democrats not on the panel began making their positions known. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., a potential presidential contender in 2008, said she will oppose the nomination. In prepared remarks, she said, "Desire to maintain the already fragile Supreme Court majority for civil rights, voting rights and women's rights outweighs the respect I have for Judge Roberts' intellect, character and legal skills."

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As if we couldn't see this one coming a mile away. Even worse, this afternoon, while listening to National Public Radio, Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont (D - Spineless Wimp) said that he would vote to confirm this troll. And Harry Reid (D - Kick Me), the laughable Democratic Minority Leader, has said the same thing. And for all of Joe Biden's grandstanding of last week, we know that he'll stupidly vote for confirmation as well. I hope you bastards sleep well knowing that you've just helped Bush put the fork to the following ideas:

  • A woman's right to choose what to do with her own body.
  • Civil rights.
  • Equal opportunity for women and minorities.
  • Church and State separation.
  • Limits To Executive Power.
Nice work. When Roberts begins attacking the positions listed above, you idiots will all tremble with shock and amazement that he could be capable of doing so. You should be ashamed of yourselves. In law enforcement terms, what you have done is called aiding and abetting. Does the name Judas ring any bells?

More Of That Old Time Religion

In yet another blow to the wall that separates Church and State, a new textbook will soon be introduced into public schools to pump up the Bible and it's "influence". No word yet on how the effort to introduce a new school uniform based on Medieval Religimous Costumery (tribute to the late, great Frank Zappa). Yahoo News AP wire excerpt:

An interfaith group released a new textbook Thursday aimed at teaching public high school students about the Bible while avoiding legal and religious disputes. The nonprofit Bible Literacy Project of Fairfax, Va., spent five years and $2 million developing "The Bible and Its Influence." The textbook, introduced at a Washington news conference, won initial endorsements from experts in literature, religion and church-state law.

American Jewish Congress attorney Marc Stern, an adviser on the effort, said despite concern over growing tensions among U.S. religious groups, "this book is proof that the despair is premature, that it is possible to acknowledge and respect deep religious differences and yet still find common ground."

Another adviser, evangelical literature scholar Leland Ryken of Wheaton College, called the textbook "a triumph of scholarship and a major publishing event."

The colorful $50 book and forthcoming teacher's guide, covering both Old and New Testaments, are planned for semester-long or full-year courses starting next year.

The editors are Cullen Schippe, a retired vice president at textbook publisher Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, and Chuck Stetson, a venture capitalist who chairs Bible Literacy. The 41 contributors include prominent evangelical, mainline Protestant, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Jewish and secular experts.

Religious lobbies and federal courts have long struggled over Bible course content. To avoid problems, Bible Literacy's editors accommodated Jewish sensitivities about the New Testament, attributed reports about miracles to the source rather than simply calling them historical facts and generally downplayed scholarly theories — about authorship and dates, for example — that offend conservatives.

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That last sentence is the kicker. These people have produced a textbook that is aimed at pleasing the Jerry Falwell - Pat Robertson crowd, and the ones who will suffer are the students, whose main purpose in going to school is to learn to read, write, and to acquire a basic mathematical and scientific background--NOT to be indoctrinated into the Borg Collective of state sanctioned Biblical revisionism. Anybody who can't see this is either naive, or lying to themselves. This is nothing more than an evangelical Christian Trojan Horse. Well, at least this development is something that Judge Roberts and the anti-evolution crowd in Kansas will likely favor.

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