Monday, September 05, 2005

Dubya's Double-Dip. Nominates Roberts To Be Supreme Court's Next Chief Justice.

Well, it appears that neither myself, nor Ken Kanniff, Connecticut's Most Wanted Gangsta, are winners in the who's going to be the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court sweepstakes. Apparently, Dubya is gonna attempt a double-dip by nominating John Roberts, who is already under scrutiny as the choice to succeed Sandra Day O'Connor, to the post. AOL News AP Wire excerpt:

WASHINGTON (Sept. 5) - President Bush on Monday nominated John Roberts to succeed William H. Rehnquist as chief justice and called on the Senate to confirm him before the Supreme Court opens its fall term on Oct. 3. Just 50 years old, Roberts could shape the court for decades to come.

The Senate is expected to begin his confirmation hearings as chief justice either Thursday or next Monday. The opening of Roberts' previously scheduled confirmation hearings, for the position of associate justice, initially was to be Tuesday, but that was canceled until after Rehnquist's funeral on Wednesday.

The swift move would promote to the Supreme Court's top job a newcomer who currently is being considered as one of eight associate justices. It would also ensure a full 9-member court, because retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has said she will remain on the job until her replacement is confirmed.

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So are we really surprised that President Useless Bungler has chosen his Stepford Nominee to leapfrog to the position of Chief Justice? The only way this could have been a surprise would have been if this announcement had come when Rehnquist was still alive. Within that scenario, my money was on Tony Scalia. Mr. Kanniff's Greenspans were on Slappy Thomas. But Rehnquist's death changes everything. Look for the Democrats to stifle what little resistance they had to the initial Roberts nomination, so as not to appear like insensitive ogres in the wake of Rehnquist's passing.

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