Monday, December 05, 2005

Conspiracy Charge Against DeLay Dropped. Money-Laundering Charge Still Pending.

Tom DeLay (R - Arrogant Douchebag) had one of the charges against him, the conspiracy charge, inexplicably dropped today, but never fear, all is not lost. The presiding judge decided that the money-laundering charge would remain in effect, paving the way for a trial. Yahoo News AP wire excerpt:

AUSTIN, Texas - A judge dismissed a conspiracy charge Monday against Rep. Tom DeLay but refused to throw out the far more serious allegations of money-laundering, dashing the congressman's hopes for now of reclaiming his post as House majority leader.

Texas Judge Pat Priest, who is presiding over the case against the Republican, issued the ruling after a hearing late last month in which DeLay's attorney argued that the indictment was fatally flawed.

When he was indicted in September, DeLay was required under House rules to relinquish the leadership post he had held since 2003. While Monday's ruling was a partial victory for DeLay, he cannot reclaim his post because he remains under indictment. The ruling means the case will move toward a trial next year, though other defense objections to the indictments remain to be heard by the judge.

"The court's decision to dismiss Ronnie Earle's numerous charges against Mr. DeLay underscores just how baseless and politically motivated the charges were," DeLay spokesman Kevin Madden said, referring to the Democratic district attorney who brought the case.

Then explain why the judge did NOT dismiss the money laundering charge...

"Mr. DeLay is very encouraged by the swift progress of the legal proceedings and looks forward to his eventual and absolute exoneration based on the facts and the law."

Then explain why the judge did NOT dismiss the money laundering charge. Damn, I hate repeating myself...

After the judge's decision, DeLay declined to speak with reporters as he entered a Houston hotel for a campaign fundraiser.

Well, considering he was one-for-two, and had a bunch of rubes to fleece, I suppose I can understand why he "declined" to comment on this development. But I wonder how much of this money he will raise will end up in the pockets of his attorneys as they try to defend this piece of shit. Oh, in case the memories are short, let's go back to the story to find out exactly what is on the line here:

DeLay, 58, and two GOP fundraisers, John Colyandro and Jim Ellis, are accused of illegally funneling $190,000 in corporate donations to 2002 Republican candidates for the Texas Legislature. Under Texas law, corporate money cannot be directly used for political campaigns, but it can be used for administrative purposes.

That is why I can't understand why Judge Priest dropped the conspiracy charge. Christ, DeLay had two helpers. And since it only takes two to form a conspiracy, it would seem that this situation describes exactly that -- a conspiracy.

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