Friday, December 02, 2005

Preznit Gets Excited Over Temporary Good Job Growth News.

President Bush today pretended that the news that 215,000 new jobs had been created during November pointed to a strong economy. Yahoo News AP wire excerpt:

WASHINGTON - Eager to rescue approval ratings dragged low by the Iraq war, President Bush embraced an upbeat employment report Friday and pronounced the future of the U.S. economy "as bright as it's been in a long time."

So, the dumb bastard finally admitted that the economy sucked ass up until now. Thanks for the news flash Preznit Obvious Conclusion Reacher.

A buoyant president strode into the White House Rose Garden where snow flurries swirled to welcome a new Labor Department report showing U.S. jobs rebounding from a beating delivered by the Gulf Coast hurricanes. Nonfarm payrolls grew by 215,000 in November, the strongest increase since July, according to the report.

"This economy is in good shape," Bush said (lied) with a smile (smirk).

Bush did not mention the deaths in Iraq of 10 Marines who were killed Thursday by a roadside bomb near Fallujah. White House press secretary Scott McClellan said Bush had been briefed twice about the incident, the deadliest in Iraq in nearly four months, before he spoke to the press. In all, more than 2,100 members of the U.S. military have died since the war began in March 2003.

Great. Preznit Flight Suit Fantasy sees 10 more soldiers die under his watch and he has the audacity to act like this fake economic upturn entitles him to act as if he really knows what he is doing.

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Leave it Preznit Delusional Fraud to paint a rosy picture of the landscape he has destroyed. The sad thing about this report is that a lot of people who should know better will think he's right in claiming that the U.S. economic picture is "as bright as it's been in a long time."

Let's review: Mr. Bush inherited a robust economy that he couldn't wait to wreck. His first set of tax cuts for the rich were made with his claim that "the economy is so strong that giving this money back to taxpayers will stimulate growth". When that strategery* failed miserably, as demonstrated by three million lost jobs and a 3,000 point decline in the stock market, the lying sack planned his next tax cut with the promise that "the economy is in such bad shape that giving this money back to the taxpayers will stimulate growth". Yada yada yada...

So now that this boob has brought the stock market back to within 700 points of where it was when he stole his way into office in January 2001, combined with a couple of lucky months of job growth increases that aren't all that impressive, he wants everyone to salute his economic genius.

How's this for a comparison? If a widget manufacturer hired someone to replace an indifferent production manager, and this new manager, in the course of eight years, increased monthly output from 1,000 units shipped a month to 10,000 a month, you'd think that was a pretty good performance right?

What then, if, after this eight year boom, the company decided to replace this manager with a new one, who was actually the son of the guy the first manager replaced, and, as a direct result of his new policies, the company immediately saw its shipments drop from 10,000 a month to 100, wouldn't you think that this new manager would be shitcanned in half a heartbeat?

But, even worse, not only does the new manager not get fired, but everyone goes gaga over his crappy performance. Industry insiders trip all over themselves to praise this maroon, and anyone who dares criticize his performance is called a fool. By the end of his fifth year at the helm, he has somehow managed to increase his shipments from 100 a month to 150 a month, so he now claims that things are not only better than they ever were before, but that even better days lie ahead.

Think of the first, indifferent manager as Bush 41. Think of the second manager, the one who brought eight years of solid growth and prosperity as Bill Clinton. Think of the current manager as Preznit Clueless Buffoon. I can't make the case much clearer than that.

*Actual Bush malaprop.

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