Saturday, April 01, 2006

First Anniversary Musings.

Hola amigos. I'm back after having had my arse kicked by a sudden and heavy dose of the flu. As such, I don't have much on which to report on this First Anniversary Post of this blog. I do know that Jack Abramoff has been sentenced to prison, and that reporter Jill Carroll has been released and is on her way home. The major league baseball schedule is about to begin as spring training comes to an end this weekend. Oh yes, we lose an hour of sleep tonight, just what my weakened body needs...

Anyway, I just wanted to check in to thank the people who posted comments, and to say hello to my new cyber-friends, Miss Templeton and Gypsy Queen for their hearty support. I look forward to another year of semi-regular posts about the sad political landscape in this country, the stars, various and sundry archeological and historical discoveries, occasional CD and concert reviews of my favorite obscure bands, and the most reliable baseball analysis to be found on these Internets. That's all for now.


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