Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Red Sox Win Opener. Tom DeLay Resigns!

Red Sox Win Opener Over Rangers

The Red Sox started the 2006 season well by beating the Texas Rangers yesterday afternoon in Arlington 7-3 behind the solid pitching of starter Curt Schilling and the bat of David "Big Papi" Ortiz. Schilling went seven innings and allowed two runs while striking out five.

Young Jonathan Papelbon pitched a strong 8th inning, but rebounding closer Keith Foulke threw a shaky 9th, allowing a run before getting the final out with some help from new center fielder Coco Crisp. Ortiz had three hits including his first homer of the season. Catcher Jason Varitek hit a two-run double, and new third baseman Mike Lowell launched his first homer to aid the offense. Knuckleballer Tim Wakefield takes the hill tonight for the Sox.

Bye-Bye Tom DeLay!!!

By now you've probably heard the good news that Tom DeLay (R - Arrogant Shithead) is resigning his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Here's my take, with the help of a convenient Yahoo News AFP excerpt:

, the Republican former strongman largely responsible for transforming his party into a juggernaut that dominates US politics, announced his resignation, as a criminal corruption probe presses in.

The flamboyant ex-House Republican leader -- whose strong-arm politics earned him the nickname "The Hammer" for his ability to push through President George W. Bush's legislative agenda in Congress -- announced that he will give up his US Congress seat and end his bid for reelection in November's mid-term congressional elections.

"It's time for me to go and do something else," he told Fox News Channel on Tuesday.

The former pest control expert had become one of the most polarizing figures in US politics in recent years, but he has also been wildly successful in instilling lock-step party discipline among Republicans and delivering votes on legislation critical to his party.

He was also valued for formidable skills raising funds from legions of well-heeled Washington partisans, and counted among his close associates disgrace former super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who is now cooperating with prosecutors in several Capitol Hill corruption cases -- including against DeLay himself.

Why doesn't this arm of the "liberal press" refer to DeLay's behavior for what it is: extortion.

Bush told reporters Tuesday that after being informed late Monday of the DeLay's decision, he wished him well and said he was sure that the party would prove resilient in the face of the setback.

"My reaction was, it had to be a very difficult decision for someone who loved representing his district in the state of Texas. I wished him all the very best and I know he's looking to the future," the president said. "My own judgement is that our party will continue to succeed because we're the party of ideas," said Bush.

What DeLay loved was running his Congressional district as if it was his personal serfdom. And that quote from Preznit Flight Suit Fantasy about the Republican party being "the party of ideas" is a classic piece if unintentional comedy. That hollow little bastard never had an idea in his crooked life, other than those that were handed to him from his daddy and his daddy's cronies.

DeLay, 58, stepped down from his leadership post after a Texas grand jury indicted him for alleged campaign finance violations and his legal troubles mounted.

A pivotal figure in the Republican Party for a dozen years, he came into office with the when Republicans seized control of Congress in the historic mid-term elections of 1994. But his legal and ethical problems had begun to drag down his party, leaving it vulnerable to Democrats' charges that Republicans are plagued by a "culture of corruption."

Though he handily won a March 7 primary election in his home state with 62 percent of the vote, observers noted that the criminal probe was drawing closer to him with the plea deal reached last week by Tony Rudy, a close former aide.

DeLay said that despite his recent legal woes he believed he had a good chance of holding onto his seat representing a Texas district, but did not want the criminal case against him to become a dominant election-year issue nationally. He repeated his assertions of his innocence, telling Fox that he has served in Congress "honorably and ethically."

Bullshit. DeLay is so deep into this Abramoff mess that he'd have to be at least 27 feet tall for him to be in it up to his eyeballs. I caught a piece about DeLay on NPR on the drive home from my wage slavery containment facility, and he played the victim over the mess involving Mr. Rudy by claiming that "we trusted the wrong man." Wahhh! Boo-fucking-hoo! You aren't a victim here Tommy, you are a lying, thieving, backstabbing SOB of the first magnitude, and I can't wait for your sorry ass to step down. I just hope those steps lead you to the prison cell you so richly deserve.

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Ken Kaniff from Connecticut said...

There was too much de-lay in the retirement of Delay. Arrogance.

When the s- went down on Lott (and esp. after getting knifed by his own party) what did he do? step down, retrench, get committee assignments and represent his state. Heck the way he is taking the insurance companies on right now is awesome. Granted he wasnt charged with a crime, just poitical incorrectness. But it was a severe embarassment and a major news story across multiple news cycles.

Fast forward to the Delay clown. He's dirty...he abused the federal gov't resources during the whole Texas redistricting debacle; he represented nobody but the interests he was bought and paid to represent (with the exception of NASA - I will say, to be fair, that Delay really fought for funding every time it was in jeopardy and not only kept jobs in his district but also helped us keep the fraction of a space budget from disappearing entirely), he broke campaign finance laws; he blatantly encouraged the corruption i n Washington a la the K street project...and when things got ugly, instead of stepping down he held onto the end, giving the left a news story to jump on day after day, week in and out, and further alienating the GOP base, who, contrary to what the Democrats/left-wing in this country would have you believe, still believe in honest government, balanced budgets, and war as an option of last resort.

Mr. Delay obviously belives in money, power, and power (possibly to get more money).

Good Bye!

listerplus said...


You forgot to add that, as one final insult to those who still want (I can't use the word "believe" in this context) honest government, the SOB is using money he raised for his now dead re-election campaign to finance his defense for the crimes he has committed.

And he is thumbing his nose at everyone as he does so. Arrogant to the end. At least he is consistent in one aspect of his ugly life...