Monday, June 25, 2007

Latest Supreme Court Atrocities, Courtesy of Alito and Roberts (ably assisted by Kennedy, Scalia and Thomas)

In case you missed it, the Supreme Court ruled on three (3) cases today that involved free speech, and in each case, the court exhibited the hard rightward turn that Preznit Flight Suit Fantasy wanted when he appointed empty suits, Alito and Roberts to fill the vacancies left by slightly less empty suits, Sandra Day O'Connor and William Rehnquist.

I'm too aggravated to give you any excerpts. Check out the following links and document the atrocities yourselves.

First off, the court voted 5-4 to severely restrict the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law. Have these people learned nothing from the Tom DeLay K-Street debacle? Justices Alito, Kennedy, Roberts, Thomas and Scalia voted in the majority. One clue to how wrong this ruling is, is that Mitt Romney (R-No Chane of Being President) cheered the news.

Second, the court pretended that a high school kid who toted a banner that read "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" was some kind of a drug kingpin, and decided that he enjoys no first amendment protection. The count went 5-4 with justices Alito, Kennedy, Roberts, Thomas and Scalia voted in the majority.

Third, the Bush mis-administration's faith-based initiatives got their wish when the court ruled that ordinary taxpayers cannot sue to stop conferences that help religious (extremist Christian) charities apply for federal grants. The count was, again, 5-4, and in a shocking turn of events, justices Alito, Kennedy, Roberts, Thomas and Scalia, once again voted in the majority. That makes three-for-three for the knuckledraggers. Apparently the work of Thomas Jefferson to separate church and state has no meaning to these people.

Oh well, maybe Frank Thomas will hit his 500th career homer tonight, which will give me something more positive about which to report tomorrow...

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