Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Libby and Jefferson - Interesting Timing...

Does anyone else see anything interesting about the fact that the announcement of Scooter Libby's sentencing came on the same day that the GOP collectively stood up and called for the head of William Jefferson?

I sure as hell don't. Especially after reading quotes like these from the Preznit and the Vice Preznit and from his defense attorney, Theodore Wells:

"Reaction from the White House was still supportive — but somber."

"President Bush, traveling in Europe, said through a spokesman that he "felt terrible for the family," especially Libby's wife and children. Libby and his wife, Harriet Grant, have two school-age children, a son and a daughter."

"Cheney said he hoped his former top aide would prevail on appeal."

"Mr. Libby was the poster child for all that has gone wrong in this terrible war," defense attorney Theodore Wells said. "He has fallen from public grace. It is a tragic fall, a tragic fall."

"Cheney, looking to Libby's appeal, said, "Speaking as friends, we hope that our system will return a final result consistent with what we know of this fine man."

Interesting stuff, no? I like the fact that the Preznit is concerned about Libby and his family. Too bad he wasn't as concerned about the fact that this snake revealed the name of a covert intelligence asset.

The bottom line is that Libby is a fall guy. Sure, he's probably guilty as hell, but he'll keep his mouth shut for thirty months, get out of prison, and write a best-seller about his experiences as a flunkie for evil men.

As to the Jefferson case, I have nothing to add except the fact that back when this case first surfaced, one of my knuckledragger colleagues at my wage slavery containment facility went on long and loud about what a "good Democrat" Jefferson was (this person knows my liberal leanings). Unfortunately for my friend with the bad posture (and judgement), Jefferson's situation first came to light about the same time Tom DeLay was indicted for the K Street extortion games, which showed rampant criminal behavior on the part of the GOP, that he'd been playing for years. I was less than gentle in informing my brutish buddy of this incovenient fact.

That having been said. Jefferson's explanations seem a bit far fetched to me, but who knows? The bottom line is that the GOP seems to have figured out a way to downplay the Libby sentencing by throwing Jefferson's plight back in the faces of the Democrats.

Here is one of their hardest hits: "Republicans, citing Pelosi's election-season promise to run the most ethical House in history, sought Jefferson's expulsion from the chamber..."

It would be funny if it wasn't so damned ironic. Do these fools really think that after six years of Bush wrecking the peace and prosperity he inherted from Bill Clinton and Al Gore, they have anything close to a leg on which to stand by issuing such a challenge? The pot calling the kettle black doesn't even come close in this case.

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