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Cindy Sheehan To Return To Haunt Dubya. Roberts Scoffed At O'Connor Promotion.

Cindy Sheehan To Return To Haunt Dubya

Cindy Sheehan, mother of Casey Sheehan, a soldier killed in Iraq, says she isn't going to let the fact that she had to leave her campsite outside President "I Have To Live My Life While I'm Wasting Those Of Your Sons and Daughters" Bush's Crawford hideout to tend to her ailing mother derail her efforts to meet with The Man Who Is Never Wrong. Excerpt from The Independent:

Cindy Sheehan, the crusading mother of an American soldier killed in Iraq, has pledged to return soon to her anti-war encampment outside the Texan ranch of President George Bush, hours after she rushed to Los Angeles to tend to her ailing mother.

Ms Sheehan, who has become a standard-bearer for protesters against the Iraq war across the United States, left the roadside camp late on Thursday after being told her 74-year-old mother, Shirley Miller, had suffered a stroke and was in hospital. More than a hundred supporters of Ms Sheehan remained at the site in Crawford and spirits rose when they heard that she intended to return soon.

Chuck Hagel, a Republican senator from Nebraska, urged Mr Bush to meet with Ms Sheehan as soon as possible. "I think the wise course of action, the compassionate course of action, the better course of action would have been to immediately invite her in to the ranch," he told the CNN news channel. He argued that most Americans were now comparing Iraq directly to Vietnam.

As my buddy Bartcop might say, why aren't the damned Democrats saying what Hagel has said? And what is this semblance of sanity Hagel is exhibiting? Just remember, before we get too optimistic about this, that Hagel owns Diebold -- the voting machine company that helped Bush in 2000 and 2004 (not to mention having helped several other Republicans like Saxby Chambliss (R - War Hero Basher) in the 2002 mid-term elections).

But not everyone looks so kindly on Ms Sheehan. Some groups accuse her of casting shame on the US military. Supporters of the war and of President Bush drove in a convoy past the protest site, triggering fears of a weekend confrontation. And the conservative group Move America Forward has unveiled a new TV advert designed to counter the Sheehan message. It features the group's founder, Deborah Johns, whose son is a marine in Iraq. "I'm here to tell you that military families support our troops AND their mission - in spite of what people like Cindy Sheehan say," she says. "Cindy Sheehan certainly doesn't speak for me, our military families or our men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan."

That last quote is typical of the way these people are twisting what Mrs. Sheehan is saying. She has not said that she is speaking for anyone but herself, and all the lies, distortions and exaggerations from slime like Bill O'Reilly, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh cannot change this simple fact. These partisan hacks can pretend all they want that Mrs. Sheehan is "being used" by Michael Moore, and that this is just another "liberal plot" to make the Chief Bungler In Charge and his crew look even more incompetent than they have already shown themselves to be. The fact remains, as English MP George Galloway told Minnesota senator Norm Coleman (R - Grandstanding Chump), that everything the Bush Administration claimed as it marched to war with Iraq has turned out to be wrong. Galloway's speech:

If the aforementioned media whores cannot grasp this simple truth, then it is they who examine their motives, and stop trying to divine those of a mother who has lost far more than they have in this disaster.

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Roberts Scoffed At O'Connor Promotion

More potential bad news for President "I Don't Give A Shit" Bush's Supreme Court nominee John Roberts has come to light in the form of a memo that basically accused President Reagan of pandering to "mere women" by nominating Sandra Day O'Connor to be the first woman Supreme Court Justice. San Francisco Chronicle excerpt:

As a lawyer in the Reagan White House, John Roberts scoffed at the notion of elevating Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor to chief justice as a way to close a political gender gap, calling it a "crass political consideration."

On another topic, Roberts, who was nominated as a justice by President Bush last month, advised the White House to strike language from a description of a housing bill that referred to the "fundamental right to be free from discrimination." He said that "there of course is no such right."

Wow, after two lead paragraphs like that, it is hard to see why Ann Coulter hates Roberts so much. Ann's Stupid Story:

More than 38,000 pages of documents released this week by the National Archives offer new details that portray Roberts as embracing the conservative philosophy of the Reagan administration. Some Democrats and liberal interest groups called anew on Friday for the release of more documents that might shed light on Roberts' views. His confirmation hearings are to begin Sept. 6.

"Many of the documents made it clear that as a junior official in the Reagan administration, he was part of an intense effort to impede progress on numerous key issues, such as progress on equal rights for women," said Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., a member of the Judiciary Committee that will consider Roberts' nomination.

Added Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J.: "The question before the Senate is whether this is the person who should replace the first female justice of the Supreme Court."

Nice ironic twist there, and good on ya Frank for stating it as such.

In an Aug. 2, 1984, memo, Roberts responded to a former member of the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors, John E. Sheehan, who had written President Reagan to suggest an election-year strategy that Roberts described as closing the "so-called 'gender gap.'" Reagan was more popular among men than women.

Well, as I stated earlier, given each new revelation about what a reactionary troll Roberts has turned out to be, I am still amazed that the extreme right wingnut crowd continues to refer to him as a sugar-plum fairy. Now if only a few more Democrats would speak out with Senators Kennedy and Lautenberg, maybe we can derail this nomination and slow the momentum of the Bush Administration's efforts to bring back feudal serfdom.

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