Sunday, October 23, 2005

Abramoff - Reed Corruption Connection. World Series Update and Other Tidbits.

Abramoff - Reed Corruption Connection

The following story details the connection between notorious GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff and former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed in the form of a long e-mail trail that shows the business relationship the two had in performing their dirty deeds. Yahoo News AP wire excerpt:

WASHINGTON - Jack Abramoff, the GOP lobbyist under investigation by federal authorities for fraud, repeatedly sought the help of Bush strategist Ralph Reed to open doors at the White House for his business clients, according to e-mail made public Sunday.

The e-mails show that Abramoff pushed for intervention from deputy White House chief of staff Karl Rove on at least three occasions since 2001 to promote business opportunities.

Reed, former head of the Christian Coalition and a nominee in the 2006 race for Georgia's lieutenant governor, wrote back obliging responses, according to the e-mail obtained by Time magazine. The e-mail is now being reviewed by federal investigators, Time reported.

The e-mails show that 10 days after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Abramoff promoted a business venture to rent cruise ships to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to house rescue workers off New York City.

Responding to Abramoff's request for help, Reed wrote on Sept. 21, 2001: "Put in a tag call to karl to find out the best contact at fema."

Four months later, Abramoff wrote Reed seeking "serious swat from Karl" in hopes of getting $16 million released by the Justice Department to fund a jail that his Choctaw Indian clients wished to build in Mississippi. Reed replied that he was at a lunch with Rove at a Republican National Committee meeting and would report the "substance shortly."

Reed agreed to give Rove materials on behalf of the Choctaws, Time reported. The cruise-ship deal was never accepted, while the Choctaws got the jail.

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And so it goes. Mr. Abramoff has been a busy little beaver hasn't he? Christ, he's connected with all the major players in the GOP and the Bush White House: DeLay, Reed, much for the "most ethical administration ever". With the trouble he is in because of his association with Tom DeLay, Abramoff doesn't exactly need more problems like this. Hell, what is he looking at, 300 years in prison? One can only hope!

As for that slime mold Reed (PLEASE Georgia, vote AGAINST this asshole in 2006!!!), is there a better example of Christian hypocrisy in public life? Well, other than President Bungling Idiot or James Dobson.

World Series Update and Other Tidbits

Last night's World Series opening game featured some home runs (courtesy of Jermaine Dye and Joe Crede of the White Sox, and Mike Lamb of the Astros), some nasty relief pitching (courtesy of Neal Cotts and Bobby Jenks of the White Sox--how do 102 MPH Jenks fastballs grab you?), and the early departure from the game by Roger "The Mercenary" Clemens after just two innings due to either groin pain, back stiffness or both.

White Sox starter Jose Contreras pitched into the 8th inning despite not having his best stuff and got the win. Clemens' replacement, lefty Wandy Rodriguez, who surrendered the go-ahead run, took the loss. The two teams go at it again tonight with Andy Pettitte starting on the mound for Houston against Mark Buerhle of the White Sox.

The new H.I.M. CD, Dark Light, has been released and is in my hot little hands. I'll get a review together soon.

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