Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pre-Vegas Departure Catch-Up.

My humble apologies for neglecting my blogging duties. Last week was another flurry of bowling league activity that saw me bowl like ass on both Wednesday (439) and Thursday (448). My average is now down to 168 thanks to these dismal performances that were Red Sox-like in their futility. That, combined with the heavy wind and rain that tore the electrical meter away from my house after a dead tree fell across the wire leading to the street, left me without power for much of the weekend. I have power back now though, which is a good thing because I'm making last minute preparations for my trip to fabulous Las Vegas to witness Ken Kanniff, Connecticut's Most Wanted Gangsta marry his longtime sweetheart Miss Janet. My plane leaves in a few hours, so I'll make this a short post. I'll do my best to take as many mental notes about what will be happening around me for those of my eight readers who have yet to experience Sin City.

And speaking of the Red Sox (a season post-mortem will be coming in a future post), the White Sox quickly put them out of their misery in their Division Series sweep of last year's WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS. Oh well, at least the Angels sent the hated Yankees home early by taking their Division Series in five games. A-Knob had a nice series. Generally timid play from The $252 Million Man punctuated by errors, strikeouts and a key GIDP in the ninth inning of the deciding game to kill any Yankee hopes. But hey, at least that AL MVP trophy will look good on his mantle? Now it is down to the final four with the Angels taking on the White Sox in the ALCS, and the Cardinals taking on the Astros in the NLCS.

That is all for now. Blog at youse later.


Miss Templeton said...

"bout once a year I start paying attention to baseball. And here we are.

So, it's the White Sox and the Astros. Now the Astros are from Houston, where Enron is. But the White Sox are the ones who took out the Red Sox.

But I have to root for Chicago here. What's your call?

listerplus said...

I'm pulling for the White Sox. I still hold a grudge against Roger "The Mercenary" Clemens for the way he mailed in his 1993-1996 seasons with the Red Sox, and I hope he gets pounded hard in his starts. Not that I feel strongly about this...

But I'm just back from attending a friend's wedding in Vegas and I see I have much catching up to do.