Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Millionaire Space Tourist Flying High. Red Sox Crushed In Playoff Opener.

Millionaire Space Tourist Loving The Ride

Gregory Olsen, the millionaire who bought a $20 million ticket to ride into space is just thrilled about his trip to the International Space Station. Yahoo News AP excerpt:

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - A rich entrepreneur scientist who bought his own ticket to the International Space Station said from orbit Tuesday that the trip was worth the millions of dollars he paid, and his only fear on launch day was not going.

"I'm having a great time. I mean, this is a dream come true," Gregory Olsen said at a news conference broadcast from the space station. "This is my fourth day and I'm really enjoying it," he added. "Just to look out and see the Earth from about 230 miles up is just great."

The best part, Olsen said, is "just being here." As for the reported $20 million he paid for the 10-day trip, "It's like the price and value argument. This is something I wanted to do, I love doing, so to me, yes, it's worth the money."

With his launch aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket on Saturday from Kazakhstan, Olsen became the world's third paying space tourist. He made his fortune with Sensors Unlimited Inc. of Princeton, N.J., a company that makes devices for fiber-optic communications and infrared imaging. He is chairman of the board of directors and a co-founder.

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I wonder what kind of in-flight service that $20 million bought Mr. Olsen?

Red Sox Crushed In Playoff Opener

The Red Sox got their asses handed to them in their American League Division Series opener against the Chicago White Sox in the Windy City this afternoon. The final score was 14-2. Starter Matt Clement was terrible. He allowed eight runs in 3 1/3 innings before manager Terry Francona woke up and got the bullpen involved. It didn't help. The White Sox had two homers from catcher A.J. Piersynski, and first baseman Paul Konerko, shortstop Juan Uribe and left fielder Scott Podsednik (who had ZERO homers ALL SEASON) also hit homers as pitcher Jose Contreras, a guy the Red Sox usually hammer, cruised into the 8th inning for the victory. The two teams face off again tomorrow night for Game Two.

In other baseball playoff news, the St. Louis Cardinals got off to an 8-0 lead over the San Diego Padres in their National League Division Series opener, and held on as the Padres batted their bullpen around to make it an 8-5 final. Cards left fielder Reggie Sanders hit a grand slam, part of a six RBI day. Center fielder Jim Edmonds also homered for the Cards. St. Louis starting pitcher Cris Carpenter pitched six scoreless innings for the win, but had to leave in the seventh due to dehydration. Eric Young had a pinch-hit homer for the Padres.

The Yankees face the Angels in Anaheim tonight in their ALDS opener. The Braves and Astros start their NLDS series tomorrow.

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