Monday, January 23, 2006

Dennis Miller: All In - A Review.

Dennis Miller's latest special aired on Saturday night. "Dennis Miller: All In" was a Las Vegas show that showcased his slide further into the realm of right-wing hack.

The show was filled with the usual obscure references, poly-syllabic words, and shameless boosting of Preznit Flight Suit Fantasy at the expense of some Democrats he chose to attack.

Among the Dems Miller attacked as crazy: Al Sharpton, Howard Dean, Harry Reid, Robert Byrd and Hillary Clinton. And what character assassination of prominent liberals would be complete without the obligatory Clenis jokes? Miller made no attempt to attack the GOP, but the opportunities that men like Randy Cunningham, Bob Ney, Bill Frist, Tom DeLay, Dick Cheney and the Preznit hisself present should have provided plenty of fodder for a mind as quick as Miller to lampoon. Instead, there was no pretense of fairness, even in his comparison of Preznit FSF to John Kerry.

In characterizing the War on Terror, Miller likened Kerry to a chess player who examines the possibilities of every move before acting. He then equated Preznit FSF to a checkers player who simply jumps everything in front of him. Miller's final analysis was that, in this war we need a man who isn't afraid to simply lash out at the enemy, and that taking the time for calm, rational thought before acting is somehow a silly idea.

I used to dig Miller when he was doing his first HBO series, Dennis Miller Live. He was funny and thought-provoking, and even in his moments of political inconsistency, he made sense. These days, he simply acts as a water boy for the right-wing neocons that have put America on it's current precarious path.

If you somehow managed to miss the first airing of this show, don't bother to follow-up to view one of the countless times it will be re-broadcast in the coming weeks. It just confirms Dennis Miller's complete and sad transformation into a pale hack.

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