Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Greenwald Catches Preznit FSF In Another Lie.

Atrios and Digby pointed the way to this Glenn Greenwald post that shows exactly why Preznit Flight Suit Fantasy and his crew, specifically the NSA's General Hayden are, to quote my late grandfather, full of old shoes when it comes to rationalizing their domestic spying/wiretapping "program".

It turns out that Senator Mike DeWine (R - Ohio) wrote legislation back in 2002 that, although it still would have left a stench in the air, would have at least given the appearance of having dealt with any probable cause issues. The administration decided that such legislation was not necessary because they were not having any problems securing warrants through FISA. So the big question is, why the deception? Most ethical administration ever?

I wonder how Judge Alito feels about this?

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