Thursday, January 05, 2006

Philip Lynott Remembered.

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the death of Philip Lynott, leader of the amazing rock band Thin Lizzy, and arguably Ireland's first big rock star. My good friend Miss Templeton has a nice post about how people from all over the world have been making a point of getting to Dublin to visit Philip's grave to pay their respects to this unique individual who was taken from the world stage far too soon. And special thanks go out to you for giving me the kick up the backside on this. I was going to avoid it as being too much of a downer until I read your post. Thanks for the boost. I can't wait to get out to the City by the Bay to hear your mandolin stylings!

Those who have read my post celebrating the anniversary of his birth back on August 20th know how much Philip and his music mean to me. So rather than type a maudlin, sentimental post I'll take Miss Templeton's advice and get out my old LPs and CDs to celebrate the great music he and his mates Brian Downey, Eric Bell, Gary Moore, Scott Gorham, Brian Robertson, Snowy White, John Sykes and Darren Wharton made over the years. I'll start with Vagabonds of the Western World, Nightlife, Fighting, Jailbreak, Johnny the Fox, Bad Reputation, Live and Dangerous, Black Rose (A Rock Legend), Chinatown, Renegade and Thunder and Lightning. After that, I'll start getting into some of the more obscure European and Japanese collections and bootlegs. Of course, Philip's two solo albums, Solo in Soho and The Philip Lynott Album will also be featured, especially the former with the eerily prophetic ode to Elvis Presley, King's Call (featuring Mark Knopfler on guitar).

So rather than get all depressed, my suggestion is to play as much of the music listed above as possible to celebrate the life that provided such great sounds for everyone.


Ken Kaniff from Connecticut said...

Let's hear about the BlackJack Master!!!!! There is a rumor that the Rabid Pomeranian went to the Woods and bit the Fox for some bucks!

listerplus said...

Well, after being unable to get into either a 2-4 or 4-8 Hold 'Em game, I went to the other side of the casino to the Blackjack tables.

I found a seat at a $15 minimum table and plunked down $150. After about 30 minutes I turned that into $250!

The interesting thing is that I did not get a single "Black Jack"! I did, however, stun the table by doubling down with a 4-6 when the dealer was showing a 3. He busted, and I made the double, much to the dismay of the other players, many of whom believe one can only double down with 11!

I'll have to study my Omaha so that I can join you and Greg in a future trip!