Monday, March 12, 2007

Cheney Screams at Dems...

Vice Preznit, "Deadeye" Dick Cheney is, once again, accusing anyone who disagrees with his and Preznit Flight Suit Fantasy's idiotic war plans, but especially Democrats, of being disloyal, and "against the troops". Yahoo News AP wire excerpt:

WASHINGTON - Anti-war lawmakers in Congress are undermining U.S. troops in Iraq by trying to limit President Bush's spending requests for military operations, Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday.

Gee Dick, I think a stronger case could be made that YOU and your cabal are doing a much better job of "undermining U.S. troops" by not giving them adequate equipment, having no legitimate plans, and by screwing them sideways when they come home as casualties of this disaster, or do I have to remind you of what is going on at Walter Reed Army Medical Center? Help is on the way my narrow white arse...

His remarks came as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid scheduled a Wednesday test vote on a resolution that calls for combat troops to leave Iraq by March 2008. Also this week, a House committee will consider legislation that would fully fund the administration's $100 billion request for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan yet demand that troops leave Iraq by the end of August 2008 and possibly the end of 2007.

With those showdowns nearing, Cheney tried to put Democrats on the defensive. "When members speak not of victory but of time limits, deadlines and other arbitrary measures, they are telling the enemy simply to watch the clock and wait us out," Cheney said in a speech to the American Israel
Public Affairs Committee. "When members of Congress pursue an anti-war strategy that's been called 'slow bleed,' they are not supporting the troops, they are undermining them," he said.

Again Dick, where is the plan for victory? If you'd shown any inclination that you and the gang of thugs that are running this meat grinder at even the tiniest clue as to what you were doing, then maybe things would be different. But, since you insist on throwing more lives away, it falls to Congress to correct your mistakes.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
, D-Calif., said Cheney's remarks prove "the administration's answer to continuing violence in Iraq is more troops and more treasure from the American people." Reid, D-Nev., said America was less safe today because of the war. The president "must change course, and it's time for the Senate to demand he do it," Reid said.

Cheney said the House's nonbinding vote against troop increases in Iraq last month was an example of "twisted logic" and "not a proud episode in the history of the United States Congress." Cheney added, "Very soon, both houses will have to vote on a piece of legislation that is binding, a bill to provide emergency funding to the troops, and I sincerely hope that this time, the discussion this time will be about winning in Iraq."

He predicted "disaster" and "chaos" in the Middle East with either al-Qaida or Iran
emerging dominant from a bloody sectarian battle and compromising regional security if U.S. troops withdrew from Iraq before their mission is completed.

Of particular concern, he said, would be a powerful and possibly nuclear-armed Iran, criticizing as inconsistent some lawmakers who are pressing for tougher action on Iran but opposing Bush's Iraq plan.

"It is simply not consistent for anyone to demand aggressive action against the menace posed by the Iranian regime while at the same time acquiescing in a retreat from Iraq that would leave our worst enemies dramatically emboldened and Israel's best friend, the United States, dangerously weakened," Cheney said.

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There is nothing inconsistent about this. Under the Shah, the U.S. accepted dozens of Iranian students to M.I.T. back in the 70s to learn about NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY as part of a program to get Iran to use this energy while selling their huge oil reserves to the rest of the world. Part of that deal was that the graduates would return to Iran to work in their atomic energy industry. When the Shah was toppled and replaced by Ayatollah Khomeini, most of the students who were still here chose to remain here. Those already in Iran were trapped. Now you want to blame Harry Reid for a mistake made under President Nixon's watch? YOU sir are being inconsistent. Why the hell don't you go to Dubai along with the rest of Halliburton to serve your real masters directly and leave us alone to clean up the mess you've made.

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