Friday, March 02, 2007

Derek Jeter's Baseball Card Surprise

Somebody at Topps decided to have a little fun when putting together New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter's 2007 Topps baseball card. The photo is of Jeter taking a hack from the vantage point of the third base side of the field.

In the stands in the background is non other than Preznit Flight Suit Fantasy, standing up and waving. As if that wasn't enough, Mickey Mantle is shown in the first base dugout, holding a bat and looking as if he is watching Jeter hit. I don't think Mantle looks like Mantle. The man in question appears to be wearing a batting glove on his left hand, and batting gloves were not common when Mantle played. However, there is no mistaking the image of the Preznit...

The images were digitally added by an as yet unknown prankster, and were not detected in time to scrap their being introduced to the public.

Check out the photo here.

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