Monday, November 20, 2006

Romney Shoots Self In Foot. Throws Hissy At Not Getting Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Vote Passed.

No longer 2008 presidential hopeful, lame duck Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney is unhappy in the extreme that commonwealth lawmakers failed to add an anti-gay marriage amendment measure on the state's ballot. Capital News 9 story:

Governor Mitt Romney says if lawmakers don't vote on placing an anti-gay marriage amendment on the ballot, he'll ask Massachusetts' highest court to order that the issue be put to voters.

Romney made the announcement Sunday on the statehouse steps in front of other opponents of same-sex marriage. Gay-marriage supporters staged a protest across the street.

Romney has criticized the legislature for delaying a vote on the issue. In November of 2003, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that same-sex marriage is legal.

Mitt, baby, what are you thinking? Are you playing to the neo-con base? The same base that was forced to eat it raw two weeks ago? Or are you sincere in your belief that the voters should decide this issue? Somehow, I get the feeling that, if this issue made it to the ballot, and the vote didn't turn out the way you want it to, you'd throw another hissy on your way back to Utah, or Michigan, or DC, or wherever the hell else you go to think up more ways to divide the people you claim to want to serve.

The bottom line is that you are an absentee Governor who came into office with an agenda of pettiness that crippled your Lt. Governor, Kerry Healey, to the point where she had NOTHING upon which to run. And as a result, she got rolled. Maybe if you'd spent more time here in the Bay State, and less time in DC polishing the knobs of the soulless GOP gargoyles, none of whom, by the way, have ANY intention of backing you for a White House run in 2008, you'd see that, even though we do have a few knuckledraggers who agree with you, we don't have nearly as many as you think we do, and that such stupid notions as this belong in history's dumpster, along with your political career.

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